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Vox AC4TV - 4/1/.25W 1x10" Tube Guitar Combo Amp

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Vox AC4TV - 4/1/.25W 1x10" Tube Guitar Combo Amp

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The Vox AC4TV combo and AC4TVH head are cool, Class A, all-tube practice and recording amp solutions based on Vox's famous 1960s AC4! Each 4-watt amp sports improvements on the hardware of its vintage counterpart, but retains all the best features for modern tone with a nod to the past. There are the distinctive EL84 power tube of the original, a 12AX7 powered preamplifier, and a custom-made Celestion 10" speaker on the combo. Plus, to give you classic tube tone at any level, there's a built-in power attenuator with 4-watt, 1-watt, and 1/4-watt output levels on the Vox AC4TV combo and AC4TVH head - perfect for recording!

Let's face it. When you're practicing - or recording - with your high-wattage all-tube amplifier, it's simply hard to get those classic tube tones at listening levels. The Vox AC4TV solves that problem. Already a 4-watt amp, the Vox AC4TV gives you incredible tone when you need to crank it to reasonable levels. And, for tremendous tone at really manageable levels, you can use its built-in power attenuator to take it from four watts down to just one watt, then down to just 1/4 watt. It's the perfect partner for late night recording sessions when you don't want to wake up the neighbors. And at under 20 lbs. it's also a great amp to take to practices and to your smaller gigs.

So, what about its tone? Thanks to the AC4TV's distinctive EL84 power tube found on the original 1961 AC4, complemented by a 12AX7 powered preamplifier that works in tandem with the EL84 to drive a custom-made Celestion 10" speaker, you can expect this one to sound retro-chic! Of course, that's also the vibe you're going to get, as the Vox AC4TV features a 1958 AC15-style TV front design with the Vox's signature diamond grillecloth. All in all, this impressive combination makes the AC4TV one of the best bang-for-your-buck combos available.

Vox AC4TV 4-watt 1x10" Tube Combo Guitar Amplifier Features at a Glance:

  • Affordable all-tube design
  • Switchable output levels include 4-watt, 1-watt, and 1/4-watt
  • Vintage Vox styling
  • External speaker output
  • Tone, volume, and OP level controls
  • 1 x 10" 16-ohm Celestion VX10 custom speaker
  • 1 x 12AX7 and 1 x EL84 tube complements
  • Power cable included

The Vox AC4TV offers up all-tube Vox tone at practice- and record-ready volume levels!

Tech Specs

Type Tube

Number of Channels 1

Total Power 4W

Speaker Size 1 x 10"


Preamp Tubes 1 x 12AX7

Power Tubes 1 x EL84

Inputs 1 x Instrument

Outputs 1 x Speaker

Height 14.76"

Width 13.78"

Depth 8.46"

Weight 19.84 lbs.

Manufacturer Part NumberAC4TV